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Dräger sponsors the 11th International Mines Rescue Competition IMRC-2018

Dräger, an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology, will sponsor IMRC-2018, the important event for the industry held under the slogan “Sharing experience. Improving safety”.

Dräger’s experts will provide technical support for the “Mine Rescue and Firefighting Simulation events” of the IMRC 2018, hold master-classes showing the use of various mine rescue equipment, and act as judges at the “Technician Contest”, where participants should detect and repair compressed oxygen-supplied breathing apparatus defects.

“From the very start of company’s operations, Dräger experts have been actively communicating with the international community of mine rescuers in order to create effective solutions and reliable equipment for ensuring safety in mining industry”, says Dräger CEO Stefan Dräger. “Support for international mines rescue competitions and conferences has become a tradition for our company. We are pleased to contribute to arrangement of the IMRC-2018, both in terms of technical support, and as part of the judging panel. I wish success to all the participants!"

Dräger history has been associated with mine rescuers for already 114 years. The word “Drägerman” has become a synonym to this profession in many countries of the world. The first Dräger’s closed-circuit cycle respirator breathing apparatus was produced in 1904, which allowed to significantly increase duration efficiency of rescue operations in the mines. Since then, the company has been continuing to develop complex solutions that today are components of an unified miners labor integrated safety concept ranging from respiratory protection devices and gas detectors to self-contained self-rescuers, compressed oxygen-supplied breathing apparatus and rescue refuge shelters used in emergency situations. Further information on the 11th International Mines Rescue Competition 2018 is available at http://en.imrc2018.ru/


International Mines Rescue Competition

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